LegalZoom Or Lawyer: Legal Technology Frontier

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Are you a lawyer with Legalzoom? so you are not alone.

Many people don’t know when to use LegalZoom or an attorney. Knowing when to use the services of an online technology company like LegalZoom and when to hire the services of an attorney can help you save money and avoid problems.

LegalZoom is an online legal technology company that provides legal services to customers by helping them draft legal documents without a lawyer. Legal documents and forms are some of the things used to persuade a judge in court.

Most people who use LegalZoom and other online legal forms do not have an attorney or do not have direct access to one.

The rise of LegalZoom and other legal technology companies sent shockwaves through the legal system, and many lawyers saw it as a disruption to traditional legal services.

Brian S. Lee, Brian Liu, Edward Hartman, Robert Shapiro and LegalZoom have acquired and formed partnerships with other legal services firms outside the United States.

Deals available on Legalzoom

  • Company establishment.
  • Apply for a License
  • Apply for a Tax Number
  • Access the following legal forms:
  • word, 
  • bestow, 
  • estate planning documents, 
  • brand, 
  • Copyright, 
  • Patent.
  • agency services
  • business consulting plan
  • business consulting plan

    The rise of legal technology companies like LegalZoom has some people wondering whether they need to hire a lawyer or lawyer if they can do it online.

    Why people use Legalzoom

    Here are some reasons why people use LegalZoom and other online technology companies instead of hiring a lawyer:

    LegalZoom is fast

    One of the biggest advantages of using LegalZoom is that it allows users to complete legal documents in a short time by providing the information they need. There are no appointment scheduling and other obstacles associated with hiring a lawyer.

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    LegalZoom is affordable

    Here are some reasons why many people turn to technology companies like LegalZoom for legal services:

    Another reason people prefer LegalZoom is the high cost of consulting or hiring a lawyer. LegalZoom allows you to select and pay for the types of services or products you want.

    LegalZoom is easy to use

    Internet and legal technology companies like LegalZoom have made legal documents accessible to people from anywhere in the world. People do not need to travel far to consult a lawyer to prepare documents.

    Is LegalZoom legit?

    The emergence of LegalZoom was not without controversy. There were initial concerns that LegalZoom, which is not authorized to practice law, was practicing law by providing legal advice to clients. Several states have taken legal action to prevent LegalZoom from providing legal services to the public. However, most of the lawsuits against LegalZoom have been settled or dismissed.

    One such incident was when the North Carolina State Bar Association issued a cease and desist notice to LegalZoom in 2008. The case went to court, which appointed a special arbitrator to investigate the matter. After an investigation, the court determined that LegalZoom did not engage in the unauthorized practice of law. Ultimately, LegalZoom and the North Carolina State Bar settled the matter out of court in 2015.

    Which is cheaper: Legalzoom or lawyer?

    There is a general perception that LegalZoom charges clients less than attorneys charge for their services. This is especially true when business transactions are simple.

    But a report published in Consumer Reports found that LegalZoom and some of its competitors charge more than you would pay a lawyer.

    Legalzoom is not a substitute for a lawyer.

    The thing about life is that situations are different and no two situations are exactly the same. LegalZoom and other online form providers do not advise customers about what to include in their forms based on their circumstances.

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    LegalZoom provides general legal information about legal issues based on answers provided by customers.

    Online legal forms require customization.

    Online legal forms often need to be customized to fit your specific situation. Unfortunately, online legal forms providers do not offer this service. Only an attorney can evaluate your specific situation and complete the appropriate legal forms.

    Many people mistakenly omit important facts or include unnecessary provisions in their online legal documents.

    The legal form is complex

    Some online legal documents contain complicated provisions that are difficult for people with little or no legal knowledge to understand.

    Unless you know what you are doing, it is not a good idea to create a website and incur unwanted legal obligations. Protecting yourself, your business, and your family from financial ruin requires more than just online legal documents.

    Using online legal forms is risky for important transactions

    LegalZoom and other technology companies provide simple legal services to the public, but relying on them for important transactions poses significant risks. Statistics show that most people who fill out online forms make mistakes, which results in serious consequences.

    You can use LegalZoom legal documents when you make small transactions that have little or no downside. However, according to some experts, people should avoid using online legal forms in sensitive and high-risk transactions. You don’t want to risk your investment because of an error in a legal document.

    Online legal forms providers do not track their customers.

    Unlike tech companies, lawyers do more than just draft legal documents. An attorney will always be in the best position to listen to your specific situation and provide appropriate advice.

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    Additionally, your legal obligations do not end with the filing of legal documents. Unfortunately, most people are left in the lurch after taking care of an online legal services company. LegalZoom may refer clients who require further legal assistance to attorneys, but this will incur additional costs.

    change in legal form

    A recent report in The National Law Review emphasized that “the form is almost always wrong.” according to reports:

    Legal forms are just a starting point; most forms are usually only half an inch deep. Truly successful organizations require more depth than is available in basic formats.

    Laws, rules and regulations are constantly changing. These changes will also affect your legal documents and you must reflect these changes. Some experts argue that online legal service providers are unable to keep up with changes in the business sector.

    Again, laws are not the same in all states and legal forms used in one state may not apply in another state. 

    There is no fiduciary relationship between Legalzoom and Customer.

    Some legal experts have pointed out that while LegalZoom and others sometimes offer alternatives to lawyers, the companies do not create fiduciary relationships with their clients. 

    Final Thoughts on Legalzoom or Lawyer

    LegalZoom has revolutionized the legal services industry by simplifying legal processes related to business formation, copyright registration, tax reporting, registered agent services, wills and trusts.

    However, when using these online legal forms, people should understand their limitations and know when to consult a real lawyer to resolve their legal problems.

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