Breaking The Customary Law Of Marriage Promises: Beware Of Heartbreak

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Two recent incidents in Nigeria have once again raised the issue of broken marriage vows.

In the first case, a woman filed a lawsuit against a man seeking millions of dollars in damages for breaking his promise to marry her.

After informing the woman’s family of his intention to marry, the man dated the woman for more than three years. 

However, the woman and her family did not know that the man was married and had three children, all of whom lived abroad. 

When the man finally revealed himself to the woman, she sued him for breaking his promise to marry her.

The second most recent incident is very similar to the first incident, but this time the victim was a man. According to the story, the woman who dated the man for approximately three years broke up with him and married another man a few days later.

Violation of marriage vows.

The problem of breaking marriage vows can arise in various situations and scenarios. 

Unfortunately, there are still many men and women who view false promises of marriage as a means of manipulation to get what they want.

Promising or accepting to marry another person is an agreement that binds both parties.

There are consequences for anyone who makes a false promise to marry someone else and doesn’t keep it.

Concept of breaking marriage promises.

Wedding promises are no joke. Therefore, it is unreasonable for some people to approach this issue with extreme cynicism.

A marriage vow is considered a binding contract that many people are not aware of because it contains elements of proposal, acceptance and compensation. However, proving these elements are facts established in court.

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Breaking the promise of marriage according to customary law.

To determine a broken promise to marry according to customary law, the court refers to the customary law of the parties.

For example, if a man receives a gift for a woman and the gift is part of the terms of the woman’s native-law marriage, then it can be evidence of consideration.

In most common law cases, the only difficulty is assessing the amount of compensation to be paid to the plaintiff.

This is because most local laws and customs do not have a concept regarding the losses arising from such violations.

To prove a breach of promise to marry according to customary law, the plaintiff must be ready to prove:

  • If you have promised to marry under the laws or customary law of your country.
  • The defendant violated or did not comply with the marriage contract.
  • The plaintiff must show that he provided consideration to support his promise.
  • Valuable consideration at law consists of some right, interest, advantage or benefit of one party or some damage, loss or liability conferred, incurred or incurred by another party.

    Therefore, at common law, situations where one party rejects another applicant because of a promise may also be a valuable consideration.

    This may also include situations where one of the parties is the contracting party, etc.

    Breaking your promise to get married can ruin your life.

    Most people who suffer losses due to broken marriage promises do not go to court to ask for compensation.

    However, broken marriage promises are a serious problem that has destroyed the lives and livelihoods of many people.

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    A woman who has been used and abandoned for years under the pretext of marriage will never be the same again. A woman who waited 10 years for her husband to step aside and marry another woman also suffered greatly.

    In the same context, men who train women and support them with promises of marriage are also disadvantaged, and the women withdraw.

    Now more and more people are starting to know their rights and seek compensation for broken marriage promises.

    Ruin my situation.

    There is no legal compensation for parties who have wasted years waiting for the final marriage commitment.

    However, the law provides some compensation for victims of false marriage promises.

    If you have been the victim of a broken marriage contract, contact a lawyer today for advice on what to do.

    Therefore, people should avoid things that can divide a family. Be careful in manipulating other people’s minds. The results can sometimes be very bad.

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