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Your Health Idaho executive director Pat Kelly said because of improved subsidies this year, eligible Idahoans could save a lot of money on insurance premiums.

BOISE, Idaho — Do you need health insurance? Open registration is now underway on an option that could save you some money. If you don’t have health insurance through your employer and aren’t eligible for Medicaid or Medicare, you can sign up for medical and dental coverage through Your Health Idaho, the health insurance exchange. of State.

According to Executive Director Pat Kelly, with enhanced grants, you could save big on a plan for you or for you and your family. But time is running out. The open registration period for Your Health Idaho ends on December 15. Kelly explained what the exchange has to offer and how it can save people money on insurance premiums.

“So what we’re really excited about this year are improved tax credits,” Kelly said. “These enhanced tax credits are delivering more savings than ever before. In fact, many current registrants are enjoying reductions of more than 36% compared to what they have seen in previous years. Huge savings for people. Not only that, but many people who weren’t eligible in previous years are eligible this year.”

Your Health Idaho offers 164 medical plans and 17 dental plans from nine insurance companies. The plans are in three levels; bronze, silver and gold.
Here’s an example: A family of four in Ada County earning $85,000 per year would pay $0 per month for a bronze plan, $428 per month for a silver plan, and $503 per month for a gold plan.

If you want to get insurance through the state exchange or just want more information about the plans it has to offer, visit the Your Health Idaho website.

You can watch Pat Kelly’s full interview on Viewpoint Sunday morning at 9 a.m. right after Meet the Press on KTVB. Also on this week’s viewpoint, we’re shining a spotlight on the Community Foundation of Idaho to show how it’s making a difference for nonprofits and other organizations across the state.

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