Why women should invest in health insurance plans


Women have now strengthened their role in almost all spheres of life. However, they still tend to neglect their health and procrastinate on buying health insurance, simply juggling their responsibilities at work and at home. In addition, women tend to see health insurance as a financial issue and therefore entrust this task to their spouse or parents. But since medical emergencies go unannounced and don’t choose gender, it’s time for women to take their health insurance into their own hands. Women need health care due to their longer life expectancy, and therefore a comprehensive health insurance plan becomes an absolute must.

A health insurance plan tailored to women’s needs that covers maternity and includes IVF and IUI treatments, breast cancer screening, cervical cancer screening, cervical cancer vaccination cervix, ovarian cancer screening, osteoporosis screening, gynecological consultation, psychiatric and psychological consultation, this is what modern women need to consider investing.

The importance of being covered

Let’s explore and understand why women should buy an individual health insurance plan for themselves.

Financial independence and peace of mind: Spending on a minor or major medical procedure can wreak havoc on anyone’s finances. Women who are responsible for their finances as well as those of their household will be able to better handle medical emergencies that inevitably arise or due to unforeseen events if they have a health insurance policy in place. Their savings will be secure because medical expenses will be reimbursed by the insurance company, which will help them gain financial independence. Plus, with the right health insurance plan in place, women can save themselves the hassle of rushing from pillar to pillar during medical emergencies. Health insurance provides a sense of financial stability which, in turn, brings peace of mind to an individual.

Absence of high maternity costs: Women can avoid maternity expenses and other costs by having separate health insurance coverage on their side. Regular exams, ultrasounds, prescriptions, hospitalization, pre and postnatal care and other expenses can be expensive. Women’s health insurance can help ease this financial pressure.

Save on chronic disease expenses: Life-threatening conditions such as cancer of the ovary, cancer of the vagina, cancer of the fallopian tubes, cancer of the breast, cancer of the uterus and cervix, irreversible paralysis of the limbs, burns, multiple trauma and the like have a significant financial impact on everyone. Women, in particular, can breathe a sigh of relief over the total cost of treatment when covered by critical illness cover and specialist packages for women that offer annual screenings, vaccinations, consultations and receive predefined sum to support the loss of income that the critical illness covers the promise on a diagnosis.

Ease of lifetime access to quality health care: Health insurance allows everyone, regardless of their financial situation, to have lifelong access to quality health care and advanced medical treatments and simultaneously saves them from exorbitant medical expenses. Any woman can get the best medical treatment in India or abroad by choosing a comprehensive health insurance plan that offers high level of protection with sum assured ranging from Rs 50 lakh to Rs 3 crore to secure her medical needs health at every stage of life.

The world belongs to those who get up early: Health insurance for women should be taken out when they are young, when their health is optimal and they have no medical complications. Benefits of being an early bird include lower premium cost. At the same time, the health insurance policy provides comprehensive coverage.

Fiscal advantages : Apart from health protection, health insurance cover can help insurers save up to Rs 25,000 on taxes under Section 80D of the Indian Income Tax Act compared to the premium paid. This takes into account the annual premiums paid for self, children, spouse, parents and any other dependents covered by the health insurance policy.

What should women consider before buying health insurance

It is important to have a strategic approach when purchasing health insurance. As there are many health insurance plans in the market today, women need to compare policies and understand the benefits and limitations as well as the premium. They should seek insurance that covers serious conditions such as breast cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, maternity and infertility, as well as pre and post-hospitalization expenses for protect themselves from financial burden for life.

Since there is no one-size-fits-all solution, it’s important to consider your unique needs when deciding on coverage. Look for the right policy that has fewer sub-limits, co-pays, deductibles, spending caps, etc. Also, look at the claims status of insurance companies when purchasing a policy. Women should look for a company that has a simple claims process and that they can trust to provide compensation in the event of an unfortunate event. It can save them a lot of time and effort.

It is essential that women prioritize and take care of their health. Dealing with these concerns without health insurance can lead to financial stress and drain savings. Therefore, women should seek out a health insurance plan tailored to their specific health care needs so that it is easier for them to obtain financial assistance when they need it. Making significant and lasting improvements to your health and well-being by investing in health insurance is an investment you should make your priority.


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