UK insurance company Vitality is offering cashback for the purchase of a Peloton bike or tread


Earlier this week, Peloton announced it was extending its partnership with Vitality, a UK-based medical insurance company. Peloton made the announcement via press release:

In 2020, we partnered with Vitality as part of their ‘Vitality at Home’ offer and provided thousands of Vitality members in the UK with extended free trial access to the Peloton app. Now we’re going a step further and launching a first-of-its-kind partnership for Peloton in the UK, which will make it even easier for Vitality members to access our gear and join our growing global community of over 6 million members. .

Starting Feb. 22, Vitality members can purchase the Peloton Bike, Bike+, or Tread and receive up to 40% Cash Back based on the total number of Peloton Workout Days they complete on a monthly basis. That could be up to £630 for the Bike and Bike+, and up to £1,026 on the tread. The cashback will be rewarded over a period of 36 months.

Peloton and Vitality provided statements as part of the post:

Cassidy Rouse, Global GM, Corporate Wellness at Peloton, said: “Peloton and Vitality share similar missions, which are to help people live healthier lives. We’re excited to extend our partnership by rewarding Vitality members for training with Peloton. No matter where you are on your journey wellness, Peloton offers the best fitness experience that matches your lifestyle and fitness level.

Nick Read, General Manager of the Vitality Program, said: “Over the past few years, we’ve seen a real shift in the way people choose to exercise, opting more for flexible and accessible fitness that they can access whether they’re at home. or on the go. With that in mind, we wanted to offer something that reflected this change in behavior, while removing the barriers people may face when it comes to staying active. At Vitality, we are committed to helping people find ways to incorporate exercise into their busy lives and are excited to deepen our existing relationship with Peloton.

Vitality updated their member area with additional information.

Peloton has also established partnerships with healthcare companies in the United States. Beginning in September 2021, Peloton offered one free year of Peloton app subscription and four free months of All-Access subscription to United Healthcare members with select insurance plans. Peloton also officially announced its corporate wellness program last summer, with participants including Accenture, Nasdaq, Sky, Samsung and SAP.

Interested Vitality members should access the Vitality member area for partnership details.

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