The O7 Therapy platform signs a partnership with the insurance company Boubyan Takaful in Kuwait

  • Bacheet: O7 Therapy is Egypt’s first online platform to reshape access to online mental health services, through technology-enabled, evidence-based therapy services delivered by a select network of psychiatrists and psychotherapists to Arabic-speaking people around the world.
  • AlKhuzam: In Kuwait, as insurance companies, we face several challenges when trying to provide a policy that covers psychotherapy, so we took the opportunity to collaborate with O7 Therapy.

Cairo: For the first time in Egypt, Kuwait and the Arab world, O7 Therapy and Boubyan Takaful have signed a first-of-its-kind partnership agreement to provide mental health insurance in Kuwait

According to a study by the Arab Barometer organization, 3 out of 10 people face mental health problems that often turn into chronic mental disorders. Additionally, there is a clear evidence base showing the benefits of providing mental health care to employees to increase productivity and manage work-related stress during working hours. Thus, O7 Therapy and Boubyan Takaful were brought together by their common vision that “mental health is not a luxury, but a right for all”, to sign this unprecedented contract.

“O7 Therapy is Egypt’s first online platform to reshape access to online mental health services, through technology-enabled and evidence-based therapy services provided by a select network of psychiatrists and psychotherapists in Arabic-speaking people around the world. of our firm belief that everyone deserves to have access to mental well-being, in a safe, supportive, efficient and stigma-free environment, while solving challenges and having an impact.” Ashraf Bacheet, co-founder and CEO of O7 Therapy, said.

In the same context, Bacheet added: “O7 Therapy uses the latest global technologies to easily provide high quality psychological care online; anywhere, anytime for users of the platform. Nevertheless, we take into account the protection and encryption of personal data, information, conversations and messages of all users of the platform.On behalf of everyone at O7 Therapy, I would like to express our pleasure to collaborate with Boubyan Takaful in this unique initiative. “

In the same vein, Ebrahim AlKhuzam, CEO of Boubyan Takaful Insurance Company, spoke about this groundbreaking agreement saying, “Insurance companies in Kuwait face several challenges to include psychotherapy as part of their policies. Other challenges include providing clients with confidentiality and security, and setting prices commensurate with quality psychotherapy services, therefore, we took the opportunity to collaborate with O7 Therapy, who added a new definition to online therapeutic services, in addition to developing reliable and reliable protocols for data encryption and storage, in a user-friendly framework.That is why we are proud to see that all citizens and residents of Kuwait can now have access to the valuable services of O7 Therapy.

This agreement is part of the exceptional initiative of Boubyan Bank, launched in March in Kuwait, in alignment with the CSR strategy of the Bank which has initiated several other exceptional contributions in many fields related to the development of society.

Additionally, the Bank has previously published several articles excerpted from accredited references curated by psychiatrists and psychotherapists, including, but not limited to, topics such as managing common mental health issues.


About O7 Therapy:

The O7 Therapy platform is one of the leading organizations reinventing the mental health landscape by bringing online therapy services to Arabic-speaking people around the world. Such dedication has driven O7 Therapy to establish a technological alternative to in-person therapy that is more accessible and accessible to everyone. This solution not only follows global best practices and standards, but also provides customers with the comfort of a safe and stigma-free environment.

O7 Therapy guarantees its clients a unique mental health experience through well-established, scientifically validated and confidential therapy programs offered by an organized network of more than 150 leading experts in the field of mental health. Accordingly, O7 Therapy uses the latest technologies to make the highest level of mental health services readily available online, anywhere, at any time chosen by the platform user, taking into account the protection and encryption of personal data, information, conversations and messages for all users of the platform.

O7 Therapy strongly believes that achieving healthy and complete mental health would dramatically improve every aspect of an individual’s life, including family, friends, school/college life, work productivity, and physical health. .

About Boubyan Takaful Insurance Company

Boubyan Takaful Insurance Company was created in 2006 within the Boubyan Bank group. The company offers a full range of Takaful insurance programs such as family insurance and health insurance for businesses and individuals.

Boubyan Takaful Insurance Company offers its products and services through various channels such as BTIC website and Boubyan Takaful mobile application to provide its services to the largest customer segment in Kuwait. Boubyan Takaful also sets high standards in customer service by applying the latest technological methods that guarantee the privacy of its customers.


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