The Manitoba Insurance Company is proud to announce that all Paradigm Advisors are now certified as Senior Financial Advisor – Philanthropy (MFA-P)


WINNIPEG, Canada – Paradigm Insurance, a life, accident and health insurance agency based in Winnipeg, Canada, is proud to announce that all of its Paradigm Advisors are now certified with the following designation as of 2022 – Senior Financial Advisor – Philanthropy (MFA- P).

Paradigm Insurance is committed to providing the best possible service to its customers, which is why it is fully committed and continues to invest in the ongoing training and support of its employees. These qualifications are sought after and valued in the insurance industry. The fact that every Paradigm Consultant has earned the qualification is a testament to their dedication and commitment.

The Master Financial Advisor – Philanthropy program is designed for advisors seeking specialized professional qualifications to develop plans with individuals and families interested in strategic philanthropy. This is an investment trend that is increasingly important to investors of all ages. The course also enables an advisor to gain a fuller understanding of their clients’ core personal values ​​and causes while building trust and a better long-term relationship.

“At Paradigm Insurance, we are committed to providing exceptional service to our customers, ensuring that they purchase the best product for their individual needs and also understand why they chose these products,” said Carmyn Aleshka. , President of Paradigm Insurance Inc. “To achieve these goals, we want to ensure that all of our advisors are fully up to date with the latest policies, procedures and products while continuing to develop and nurture their careers. We are immensely proud that each of our advisors are now Master Financial Advisors in the Philanthropy program, and we believe this will be a tremendous asset to both our business and our clients.

Paradigm Insurance is a locally owned and operated company based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The company was founded by Carmyn Aleshka in 2016. Paradigm is a life, accident and health insurance agency that provides unique, efficient and intelligent insurance solutions to individuals, families and businesses in Canada. The company’s initial goal was to develop specialty policies for ultra-high net worth individuals with unique tax considerations. In 2019, Paradigm expanded its reach by using its cultivated expert resources to craft solutions for a broader market. Paradigm’s insurance experts can provide effective solutions for people of all circumstances by evolving principles and strategies designed for the ultra-rich. For more information about the company and the services it offers, visit the website at

Manitoba Insurance Company Proud To Announce That All Paradigm Advisors Are Now Certified As Master Financial Advisor – Philanthropy (MFA-P)

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