Spot the Robot becomes a damage assessor for an American insurance company


We know that Spot the Robot is a versatile machine capable of accomplishing just about any type of mission, from detecting radiation levels at Chernobyl to participating in combat drills to household chores and dancing to the greatest pleasure of all Internet users. Today, they have found another use for it: joining the claims staff of the American group of insurers Farmers Insurance.

The California-based company recently revealed plans to use Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot to assess damage from disasters such as hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, tornadoes, and more. Spot has been customized specifically for farmers, being equipped with sensors, cameras, one of which is 360 degrees, as well as site documentation software that allows it to capture data in a timely manner.

The machine will also help to deal with non-catastrophic events such as collapsed buildings, water loss, structural fires, etc. At the same time, he will be able to pre-inspect certain areas to assess the danger for first responders.

According to Samantha Santiago, head of claims strategy and automation at Farmers Insurance, the bespoke Spot will be a valuable addition to the company’s stock of evolving technologies, such as satellite imagery and drones. It will serve as a useful tool that will help the insurer to deepen its commitment to its clients.

The robotic quadruped will be deployed this fall, helping Farmers Insurance Group become one of the first property and casualty insurers in the country to use a digitally controlled mobile robot.

Spot was built by Boston Dynamics (now owned by Hyundai) over a year ago and has grown into one of the most popular and beloved robots, thanks to its fun looks and entertaining skills. It is now used by a plethora of businesses around the world for a variety of purposes, from exploring hard-to-reach places, inspecting sites, delivering goods, assisting the military in combat exercises, to not name just a few of his accomplishments.

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