Seniors’ Health Plan Advisors: Matching LI Medicare beneficiaries with insurance plans that meet their health care needs and budgets


Tony Calvacca, owner and operator of Seniors Health Plan Advisors, has over 20 years of medical insurance experience.

Navigating the complex landscape of the Medicare healthcare system can be a difficult and confusing experience unless the right person walks you through the process.

And Seniors Health Plan Advisors of Hauppauge, NY is just the company that lends a hand in ensuring that Medicare beneficiaries actually enroll in the Medicare health insurance plan appropriate to their personal needs.

Tony Calvacca, owner and operator of Seniors Health Plan Advisors, has over 20 years of medical insurance experience, having worked for Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield and Bank of America as an employee benefits consultant, prior to to start his own business. This vast experience shows that he has the know-how and the means to find his clients the Medicare health plans that best suit their individual circumstances.

“This only speaks to my extensive knowledge of this business,” he said. “A lot of times people who are new to the business just have basic training under their belt, and they really don’t have the kind of long-term industry experience that I have. I have literally helped thousands of people in New York City with their Medicare plans over the years.

Tony does not sell personal insurance; instead, it offers people options and educates them on the different avenues of health care they can take; as a result, its clients are so well informed that they are very comfortable with the decisions they make about their coverage.

“I felt the insurance industry is the industry to be in, and the Medicare side of the business looked appealing because it can have a significant and direct impact on the well-being of a person’s life. a person, ”he said. “You’re going to have a major impact on how they get their health care and what it costs them to get it. And these two things are related, because if people are poorly insured on Medicare, it will have a big effect on the health care providers and the services to which they have access, and on the lifestyle they will have as a result. financial costs of their health care. “

An important thing to keep in mind is that Tony does not charge his clients for his services; and when it comes to the number of plan choices available to his clients, he notes that he represents almost all of the insurance companies available in the market, which means there is a wide variety of plans. so that he can help his clients consider.

“People never pay me money because I am compensated by the insurance companies, not by the client,” he said. “And I’m an independent advisor and I have access to all the plans in the market. It frees me up to offer them whatever plan is available, so I have no bias. My best interests are the best interests of the client, so my sole focus is to find them the health insurance plan that best fits their health needs and budget.

When it comes to choosing the right health care plan for you, there are many factors to consider, and Tony has a separate and detailed process that gets to the bottom of his clients’ needs and in turn empowers him. to suggest plans that should meet those needs most effectively.

“The first step is a first telephone interview in order to obtain what I call the ‘model of facts’. What is the story of this individual, because there are many different scenarios for people, ”he said. “Then I send them an email with a document they need to fill out that gives me all the information I’m going to need. And this is vitally important, because a person’s use of providers, medical services, and medications will determine a large part of the decision as to which health care plan option is right for them. “

Once Tony receives this information, he develops a spreadsheet with all of the different options in the market, including Medicare supplemental plans, Medicare drug plans, and Medicare Advantage plans. Once the spreadsheet is put together, he schedules a one-hour consultation with his client where he can do an online review of the plans.

“I walk them step by step through government health insurance, what it covers, what it does not cover and what it costs,” Tony said. “From there, we take a look at all Medicare insurance options, side by side, in terms of costs and benefits to determine exactly what’s right for that person.”

Once the selection is made, Tony enrolls the client in the plan of his choice; he then follows up to ensure that they have received their insurance card. And finally, an additional meeting takes place so that the client is fully aware of how their plan works, what they are paying, what the plan covers, and any other factors regarding the plan that they need to know.

Ultimately, Tony says it’s not just about picking the “best” plan, but rather helping a client choose the best plan for them.

Additionally, during the plan selection process, Tony also educates his clients about federal and state programs that may offer additional discounts from other types of financial assistance for their medical expenses.

“There are federal and state programs that can help people lower the cost of their medications and lower the cost of their Medicare Part B premium that they pay to the government,” he said. “So we do an analysis to see if they qualify for any of these programs that can lower their drug costs and their premium costs. This is very important, because sometimes these programs can have a dramatic and positive effect on what they pay for.

Many of Tony’s new clients are under the age of 65 and looking to research the right health plans they’ll choose once they’re old enough to be eligible for Medicare.

According to Tony, “I often get calls from people who are about to turn 65 and have decided to continue working a few more years and they want me to do a comparison of the plan they get from their employers. compared to the coverage they might have under Medicare.

“Comparing employer coverage to Medicare coverage is really important because that comparison will determine which option offers the richest benefits at the lowest cost,” Tony added.

Tony offers extended hours of availability during the week – 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., Monday to Friday – which is often a boon for those still in the workforce and have limited ability to call him during the day. .

“My availability on weekday evenings tends to be very helpful for a lot of people as this is usually the time when they have the opportunity to reach out and make a phone call,” he said. “And then we can start the conversation.”

Tony has said that working in this field – helping people make the vitally important decision of which health insurance plan to follow for their financial and physical well-being – has resulted in a rewarding career.

“It’s a great business if you want to help people because you get an immediate positive response from customers they recognize and appreciate that you are doing a lot to meet their needs,” he said. “It’s a great feeling to know that you are helping people every day, both medically and financially. “


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