Purina partners with pet insurance company


MIAMI — Purina PetCare has partnered with Spot Pet Insurance to support the health and wellness of pets as a whole. Through this partnership, Spot Pet Insurance will offer a discount of up to 10%, as well as a 10% multi-pet discount for pets added to an existing insurance plan, to select Purina customers.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Purina, a company that feeds beloved pets as they whip out their zooms, bark at squirrels, or simply enjoy cuddly moments,” said Trey Ferro, CEO of Spot. Pet Insurance. “This partnership will help pets lead more fulfilling lives.

“Good pet nutrition with the help of Purina and the help in finding the peace of mind that comes with a Spot Plan is priceless,” he added. “With Purina, we are excited to create and nurture communities of healthier pet families. Spot’s pet insurance plan options can help families focus on caring. , not on cost.”

The partnership aims to introduce Spot Pet Insurance to more pet owners among Purina’s customer base.

“Working with partners like Spot allows Purina to help pet owners provide the best possible care for their pets, from filling their bowls with high-quality nutrition to ensuring they receive the veterinary care they need. they need to thrive,” said Nathan Marafioti, vice president of new business models at Purina.

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