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WASHINGTON, April 8 (TNSRep) — US health insurance plans issued the following press release:

No one should face a surprise medical bill that could lead to financial ruin. With April 11 representing 100 days since the implementation of the no surprises law, AHIP has released a new resource that reflects on the problem of surprise medical bills, the protections included in the no surprises law, the impact of the no surprises law on laws states and what is needed now for the continued protection of patients.

From Monday, providers and hospitals can also begin to dispute out-of-network payments through Independent Dispute Resolution (IDR). The No Surprises Act brief illustrates the importance of a transparent, fair and predictable IDR process.

Congress put patients first when passing the law without surprises, and the resulting regulations and administration guidelines were key to fulfilling the legislation’s promise to reduce health care costs,” said declared Matt Eyes, President and CEO of AHIP. “Patients deserve to be protected from surprise medical bills from hospitals, out-of-network doctors and other healthcare providers, and to have more choice and lower costs by having more providers choose AHIP continues to support consumers in defending the No Surprises Act and its rules following multiple lawsuits from vendors suing the Biden Administration to gut these important patient protections. We should all work together for the financial stability of all Americans.”

The No Surprises Act briefing note includes:

* A description of how surprise medical bills broke the bank of millions of Americans.

* Medical specialties that historically were most likely to send a surprise medical bill.

* The benefits of provider participation in networks for the health and financial security of patients.

* Basic protections included in the No Surprises Act.

* How the No Surprises Act complements existing state laws.

* A description of the independent dispute resolution process.

* Further actions are needed to continue to protect patients.

“The No Surprises Act provides a strong foundation for the additional protections patients need,” Eyles concluded. “We encourage Congress and states to use it as a model to protect patients from surprise bills from land ambulance companies. As states consider additional protections, they should also consider approaches that rely on fair, market-based pricing and based on locally negotiated tariffs – with no loopholes. This is how patient healthcare costs remain more affordable.”

Find more AHIP resources on surprise medical bills, including amicus briefs filed in the many lawsuits filed to override key protections under the law.

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