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CARSON CITY – In preparation for enrollment open next month, the Nevada Division of Insurance has released approved health insurance rates for consumers purchasing in the individual health insurance market, both on and in outside of the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange (Exchange), which is the state agency that oversees and connects eligible Nevada residents to affordable health and dental plans through Nevada Health Link.

“The division worked hard during the rate review process to ensure the rates were adequate and not excessive,” said Insurance Commissioner Barbara Richardson. “Now, it’s up to consumers in Nevada to review and compare these plans to find the health coverage that best meets their needs and their family’s needs. There are many free resources that can help them with this task. “

Overall, for plan year 2022, consumers can choose from a total of 10 insurance companies offering up to 180 plans in the Nevada individual health insurance market. The approved average increase in individual market rates, both on and off the exchange, is 4.4 percent.

In stock exchange :

The average increase in approved rates for health plans sold through Nevada Health Link is 4.2%. Seven insurance companies will offer up to 126 health plans, an increase from the 50 plans last year. These insurers include:

Friday health plan

HMO Nevada

Nevada Health Plan

Select health


Aetna Health (new on exchange)

Hometown Health Plan (new in Exchange)

“The Nevada Health Link is excited to be able to offer many more health plan options from an expansion of new insurers joining the Nevada health insurance market,” said Heather Korbulic, Executive Director of Silver State Health Insurance Exchange. “As always, we want to stress that the rate increases will have little to no impact, because when rates go up, the subsidies that help eligible Nevadans cover their monthly premiums do, too.”

Excluding exchange:

Consumers are encouraged to purchase with Nevada Health Link first to find out if they are eligible for grants, as Nevada Health Link is the only entity that offers federal financial assistance (grants) for affordable health insurance. However, consumers can also view plans offered outside of the Exchange if they are not eligible for subsidies or wish to see other options.

The average increase in approved tariffs for over-the-counter trading is 4.9 percent. Seven insurance companies will offer up to 54 individual health plans for consumers to choose from. These insurers include:

Hometown Health Plan

Nevada Health Plan

Local health care providers

Rocky mountain


Sierra Health & Life


There are several ways for consumers to see what their options are before open enrollment begins. Nevada Health Link is offering a “window shopping” period starting today, October 1, 2021. According to Nevada Health Link, window shopping gives consumers a first look at all health care plans. health and dental 2022, including details on monthly premiums, deductibles as well as a general idea of ​​the amount of financial assistance to which they may be entitled. For more information, visit Nevada Health Link at

Alternatively, consumers buying over the counter can view approved rates and plan information by visiting the division’s website at, clicking “Health Insurance Rates” in the main navigation menu, from the “Revision of health insurance rates” page. , click on “Find health insurance rates“.

Rates are displayed by age and county and are for non-smokers. The search results are displayed and sorted by plan name, carrier name, metal grade and whether the product is offered on or off the Exchange. This helps narrow the search for faster, targeted results.

The Division is also encouraging consumers to follow the Division’s Facebook and Twitter accounts starting in October, where it will break down important information for consumers to help them purchase health insurance.

Registration opens from November 1, 2021 to January 15, 2022.

About the Nevada Insurance Division

The Nevada State Insurance Division, a division of the Nevada Department of Business and Industry, protects the rights of Nevada consumers and regulates Nevada’s $ 18 billion insurance industry. dollars. The Division of Insurance has offices in Carson City and Las Vegas. In 2020, the Division investigated over 2,300 consumer complaints, responded to over 10,000 inquiries and collected over $ 4.5 million on behalf of consumers. For more information on the Insurance Division, visit DOI.NV.GOV.



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