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LAS VEGAS (FOX5) – Nevada Attorney General Aaron D. Ford warns of two ongoing scams targeting those in difficulty during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ford’s office recently said Nevada residents have been targeted by deceptive discount insurance plans and fraudulent credit repair companies.


According to AG Ford, Nevada residents should be on the lookout for telemarketers and deceptive websites touting cheap medical insurance plans. Ford said some of these entities falsely claim they comply with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Sometimes companies have deceptive websites that look legitimate or have names similar to those of legitimate insurance companies.

“When buying insurance, stick to the Nevada Health Link website as the first stop,” Ford said in a statement. “These bogus websites are intentionally confusing, leaving consumers who fall in love with them with unpaid medical bills.”

If you receive an unsolicited call from a health insurance company, do not provide any personal information over the phone. Consumers are encouraged to search for different insurance plans online. You can also check an insurance company through the Insurance Division.


Ford’s office has also warned that while many credit repair companies can restore your credit, some companies may not be entirely legitimate.

If you want to hire a credit repair company, the Attorney General’s Office of Consumer Protection has offered the following tips for detecting a scam. Be vigilant if a company:

  • Asks you to pay all fees in advance before doing any work on your behalf. Some companies may charge a one-time fee ranging from $ 15 to $ 200 to open the account. However, no credit repair agency can charge a consumer money until the service is fully performed;
  • Asks you to dispute information on your credit report that you know is correct. With your legal consent, the company can dispute and clean up any inaccurate material with the three major credit bureaus or directly with creditors. If a business tells you to say you’ve been a victim of identity theft when you haven’t, it’s illegal;
  • Promises to remove all negative information from your credit report. Credit repair takes time and not all negative items can be removed; and
  • Does not explain your legal rights when telling you about their services. Legitimate credit repair companies should include a copy of the consumer credit report rights. In addition, you have the right to cancel all services without incurring any penalties within three working days.

If you believe you have been the victim of a crime related to the COVID-19 pandemic, you can file a complaint with the GA office and the National Center for Disaster (NCDF) hotline at 1-866-720- 5721 or by emailing NCFD at [email protected]

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