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Americans say supplemental insurance policies are financially worthwhile.

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For millions of American families, supplemental insurance can help provide additional financial peace of mind. That’s one of the key findings from a new AHIP survey released today of people enrolled in supplemental insurance. Virtually all consumers – 95% of them – are satisfied with their coverage, with 90% saying their plan helps pay for essential medical expenses needed and eases concerns about maintaining financial security.

“Complementary plans provide important health and financial protections to millions of Americans,” said Jeanette Thornton, AHIP’s senior vice president, Product, Employer, and Commercial Policy. “As today’s survey illustrates, consumers overwhelmingly find supplemental insurance to be both valuable and affordable while protecting them from financial worries and poor financial outcomes.”

Supplementary insurance makes it possible to cover expenses not covered by primary health insurance, such as expenses due to special situations, such as accidents or hospitalizations (hospitalization insurance); specific diseases, such as cancer; or non-medical expenses such as childcare, travel, and loss of income due to illness or injury.

The online supplemental insurance consumer survey was conducted by Global Strategy Group on behalf of AHIP to better understand the experiences, opinions and value of supplemental plans. The survey was conducted between January 27 and February 7, 2022.

Key findings include:

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* People enrolled in supplemental insurance continue to be extremely satisfied with their plans and rate them highly.

* Consumers are particularly satisfied with the service they receive from health insurance funds. When asked about interactions with their plans, survey respondents were extremely satisfied with the ability to receive benefits quickly, the simple and efficient claims filing process, and the knowledge of their supplemental insurance agent.

* Complementary insurance is seen as something you can count on: offering peace of mind, ensuring quality care and being there when the insureds need it.

* Having supplemental insurance has prevented consumers from experiencing financial hardship or having to make choices between their health and financial well-being.

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