List of life insurance plans for all your retirement and tax saving needs


Understanding what the purpose of your life is can get complicated. We’re here to help with a simple answer. The goal is to live your life at its best, regardless of your income status at the time.

It’s easier to live king-sized when you earn a nice salary. Things get out of hand when you retire and find yourself with no source of income. This is the phase where a life insurance plan comes to the rescue. Have a life insurance plan available to us can make your retirement life much easier.

Some life insurance plans extend their focus to help you claim tax benefits as well. Such life insurance plans are worth considering to receive both long and short term benefits.

With a lot of life insurance plans available in the market, it can be difficult to choose the one that best meets your needs. The full list below will help you choose the best life insurance plan for your retirement and tax saving needs.

Guaranteed pension target

We love our way of life. A small change in our lifestyle can leave a lasting impact on an emotional front. The guaranteed pension objective is a life insurance plan that protects you as you continue to live your life as it is now.

A life insurance plan is intended to cover your medical expenses and basic monthly necessities. The goal of a guaranteed pension goes even further as it helps you maintain your lifestyle even after you retire. This life insurance plan also takes into account improvements that may occur over time.

For example, the mobile you currently own may appear to be obsolete after two or three years. The same applies to the way of life. It is constantly evolving. Instead of getting left behind, you can continue to improve with the guaranteed pension goal. the life insurance plan covers most of the expenses while you plan to improve your lifestyle according to the prevailing trend.

There are many options for choosing to pay the premium. Some of them are monthly, quarterly and annually. You can choose the best option at your convenience. However, one option of this life insurance plan applies in particular to a single type of pension payment. You can choose to pay a single premium only if you want to receive an annuity immediately from the following month.

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Long-term goal

Not everyone is a fan of the improvements. You can belong to the part of the population that likes to keep it simple or just the way it is now. LongLife Goal is a perfect life insurance plan for you, especially if you are comfortable with your current lifestyle and want to continue it after you retire.

There is an age to retire, but many people are considering retiring early as the trend changes. One reason could be that you have saved enough or want to be with your family for as long as possible. This life insurance plan responds easily to these trends. You can retire early and LongLife Goal will take care of your retirement.

You may have aspirations that you could not pursue while fulfilling family responsibilities. The LongLife lens is a life insurance plan who also takes care of that part of your life. You can play in the theater, travel the world, or be part of a music group. LifeLong Goal would always keep your retirement life safe.

the life insurance plan provides you with security through Retired Life Income, also known as RLI. You remain free to collect the RLI until the age of 99. You can start receiving it from the age of 55 or 10 years from the date of finalization of the life insurance contract.

Obtain a life insurance plan is the best way to secure your retirement life. Take your current age and retirement age into account when finalizing a life insurance plan. This would determine your coverage and the amount of your premium. Also prepare a list of your estimated expenses to get a better idea of ​​the amount of coverage.


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