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Failing water and sewer lines probably aren’t something homeowners give much thought to, but repairs can be costly.

To shed some light on the matter, during the month of September Lincoln Park residents should expect to receive information from Service Lines Warranties of America.

The city partners with SLWA to provide residents with information about insurance plans for their water and sewer lines that connect their homes to the city’s main lines.

What many residents may not know is that when a home’s water or sewer line breaks, it’s the homeowner’s responsibility to fix it.

City officials said these repairs can be very expensive, and many residents are shocked and unprepared when they discover the cost of the repairs.

Although the letters will come directly from SLWA, they will bear the city’s logo. The use of the town logo by SLWA was approved by the mayor and town council at the January 18 council meeting.

Since then, SLWA and the city have worked together to produce a letter that would be sent to residents.

Although the city did not provide any resident information, SLWA’s letter is expected to reach every household in the city.

“Many of our homes are over 70 years old and have very old service lines; we continue to see failures along those lines,” City Manager James Krizan said. “This can be particularly problematic when sewer lines fail, as they can cause problems for other residents. While homeowners insurance policies are beginning to cover these issues, not everyone has coverage. We were approached by SLWA, which is approved by the National League of Cities and provides this service in Michigan municipalities.

In January, the city approved an agreement with SLWA whereby, instead of providing royalties to the city for use of the logo, the company would offer residents a discounted rate for coverage.

For more information on the program, citizens can consult the city’s website, citylp.comor company website,


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