Letter: HB2323 would end discriminatory profiling of dogs by insurance companies | Local issues


Arizona House Bill 2323 is making its way through the state legislature. It deserves to be signed into law.

This amendment to Title 20 of Arizona’s Revised Statutes removes discriminatory dog ​​breed profiling used by insurance companies to hit policyholders and policy applicants with higher rates and, worse, results in loss of homeowners or renters insurance in a tight and expensive housing market.

As the American Property Casualty Insurance Association and the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce lobby against this responsible legislation, I ask readers to consider being the Phoenix couple who recently had their homeowners insurance canceled by Hartford Financial simply for having adopted Echo, a friendly “pit bull”, into their family as a companion to their Australian Shepherd.

The pit bull is not a breed and without DNA testing no dog can be accurately identified. Yet insurance companies are raising rates and kicking people out of their policies by indiscriminately and unjustifiably targeting family dogs. Insurance companies would be better served by advocating against animal abusers and engaging in dogfighting.

Don Scott, former Chairman of the Arizona State Council for the Humane Society of the United States


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