International Medical Group adds device protection to its insurance plans


Through a new partnership with insurtech provider bolt, International Medical Group (IMG) now offers optional mobile device protection to travelers who purchase a plan as part of its Patriot Travel series of travel medical insurance plans.

The option provides coverage for the repair or replacement of a traveller’s mobile device if it is lost, stolen or accidentally damaged while travelling.

“We know how essential devices like mobile phones and tablets have become in almost every phase of travel: hosting boarding passes and tickets, communicating with friends and family, and documenting your trips to the overseas,” said Amanda Winkle, chief commercial officer of IMG. “By partnering with bolt to offer mobile device protection, we are taking another step towards our goal of providing products and services that meet nearly all the needs of travelers and expats while away from home.”

With the add-on, bolt will help travelers with a broken mobile device to have the device repaired, provide cash settlement for the cost of device replacement, or replace the device themselves.

IMG plans to offer the optional Mobile Device Protection module with more of its insurance products in the future.


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