Health insurance company Medibank challenges the popular saying “you are only human”


“You are only human. And what an incredible human being you are,” reads one of the new campaign slogans for Medibank, which champions the capabilities of the human body.

The Australian insurance provider’s campaign promotes healthy living while striving to increase human potential. A 60-second video highlights the prowess of the human body. “You might say you’re nothing special, but you’re a wonder machine that does calculations, smashes dance, and cracks passwords,” says the narrator.

“If you want someone to protect something, you first have to convince them that it’s valuable. This is the work of this work. To help Australians see their health as more than functional,” said Simon Vicars, Commercial Director of Colenso BBDO. “’You’re only human’ is one of the greatest understatements of all time. We had a lot of fun tearing it apart. »

“Human Potential” marks Medibank’s first marketing efforts with New Zealand agency Colenso BBDO. The ads will run nationwide starting in July across TV, cinema, social, out-of-home and digital formats, according to Medibank.

“We’ve really moved beyond category boundaries and are thinking more about the impact that health and wellbeing can have in Australian culture,” said Fiona Le Brocq, senior Medibank marketing & CX executive.

Medibank, which bills itself as Australia’s largest provider of telephone and web-based health services, has also unveiled an updated logo for its “Live Better” platform. The platform, launched in 2019, includes an online health advice hub, free community events supported by Medibank and Live Better rewards accessible through an app.

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