Groovin The Moo Cancels Pill Testing Due To Insurance Company Withdrawal


Groovin the Moo Canberra unfortunately had to cancel their pill test option after their insurance company withdrew at the last minute.

from Canberra Groovin the Moo festival (2022) starts incredibly soon. Sunday April 24, coming soon. Everything seemed to be going smoothly, which is a relief as the festival had to wait two years of pandemic measures. Then, in an unforeseen event, the insurance company working with Pill Testing Australia and Harm Reduction Australia backtracked. Despite Groovin the Moo and groups concerned with pill testing working closely with the insurance company to lock down the paperwork, the insurance company backed off – just days before the festival opened.

“I regret to inform you that the insurance company involved in insuring our service has today withdrawn their coverage and support for pill testing services,” commented Harm Reduction Australia Chairman Gino Vumbaca. It is “Despite the detailed risk management work put in place by our team and Groovin the Moo’s team”.

Vumbaca went on to say that the insurance company had requested additional measures from Harm Reduction Australia before “they could support the inclusion of pill testing services at the festival”. This is a particularly disappointing backflip from the insurance company given that all the plans had already been sent out. Not to mention that more than 40 volunteers had already been trained to provide pill testing services for the beloved festival. Dr Marisa Peterson expressed concern over the potentially life-saving service’s dismissal, shortly after the news broke.

A real step backwards for minimizing drug harm in Australia today with Canberra @groovinthemoo festival is unable to provide pill testing services after insurance companies withdraw. Very disappointing and lives will be in danger as a result. #cbr #law

Annie Madden, founding member of Harm Reduction Australia, called for government intervention regarding the cancellation. “It’s NOT OK for the private sector to dictate when, where, and now even IF critical frontline #harmredux services are provided.”

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