Farmer Tenant Insurance Review: What You Need to Know


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Many people prefer to rent apartments or houses rather than owning them. They don’t have to worry about building maintenance or permanent rooting.

But in order to protect your finances against things like water damage, theft, and fire, it’s usually a good idea to get tenant’s insurance the day you move into your apartment or house.

This review will examine the costs, advantages and disadvantages of Farmers tenant insurance.

Farmers Insurance Company Overview

Farmers insurance has been in the business since 1928, providing customers with many types of insurance, including tenants insurance, as well as certain financial services. Farmers Insurance was built on the premise that farmers and ranchers should have lower insurance premiums due to their often clean driving records.

Don’t let the company name and history fool you; you don’t have to be a farmer to get insurance from this company, you can be a city dweller who works in an office.

Farmer Tenant Insurance Review


How much you can expect to pay for renters insurance will vary depending on many factors, including the crime rate in your city, the high risks in your city, the state you live in, and more. Some states, such as coastal states like Louisiana, cost more in terms of renters insurance, while other states, such as North Dakota and South Dakota, cost less.

On average, however, you should still expect to pay less than a dollar a day for renters insurance, and if you’re low-risk and don’t have policy options (like insurance against floods), you may be able to get a good policy for less than $15 a month.

You’ll also pay more if you have a lot of big-ticket items you’re looking to insure, such as expensive jewelry or art.

To get the best cost estimate, you should take a look around your apartment and figure out the dollar amount of everything you’ll want to cover. You should also determine the amount of liability coverage you want. Note that if you have a dog or other pet that could hurt someone, you will need more. Farmers Insurance agents can help you determine what a good amount might be for your situation.


Farmers Insurance offers all the typical coverage you would expect from a business, including property coverage, fire protection, liability coverage, and temporary moving expenses. You can also tailor your plan to include coverage for the cost of replacing your electronics and identity theft recovery assistance, although this will be in addition to your premium.

Conditions required to be insured

In order to get your tenant insurance policy, you must actively rent an apartment or house. Farmers Insurance may require proof of residency, such as a copy of your lease.

Timely payment of your monthly bill (or quarterly or annual payments if you set it up that way) will ensure there are no gaps in your policy in the event of an emergency.

Main disadvantages

Farmers Insurance may not have as strong a financial footing as some other insurance companies, as their revenues have dropped, but they still have the money to pay claims, so there is no need to s ‘alarm.

Farmers Insurance does not have a reputation for being the cheapest insurance provider available, nor does it have the best reputation for customer service when it comes to claims. Other companies have a better reputation for handling claims faster.


Farmer tenant insurance is available in all 50 states and has approximately 48,000 independent agents. Some smaller towns, however, may not have agents. This could be a problem for those who want to do face-to-face business.

Customer service

To contact Farmers Insurance, you can visit this page. The website is easy to navigate and Farmers Insurance makes contact easy with an easy to use app and live chat.

The customer service line can be reached at 888-327-6335 and is open 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday and Sunday Central Standard Time.


Farmers Insurance may not have the same name recognition as other companies like GEICO and State Farm, but it’s always worth contacting them for a quote. You’ll want to check with several companies before deciding on a renters insurance policy.

If you want to bundle services, Farmers Insurance may be a good option for you, as they offer policies and add-ons for a wide variety of liability insurance needs.


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