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Whether it’s your first trip or you’re a cruise veteran, it’s important to have the right travel insurance. This is especially true if you’re a senior traveler who wants high-level medical coverage while traveling.

Here are some good starting points for the coverage you’re likely to want in a cruise insurance plan:

Trip cancellation insurance: This refunds you 100% of the prepaid, non-refundable deposits you lose if you have to cancel for a reason covered by the policy.

Trip Interruption Coverage: This will reimburse you for unused travel expenses if your trip is cut short due to illness, injury, death, family emergency at home or for other reasons. He can also pay the additional expenses of a trip interruption, such as a one-way plane ticket home on short notice. The reason for the interruption must be stated in the policy.

Emergency medical expenses: This pays for medical expenses associated with injuries and illnesses you pick up while travelling. The best travel insurance plans have $500,000 in travel medical insurance, but you might find that $150,000 is enough for a cruise. If you are a senior, good travel medical coverage is essential.

US health plans may have very limited or no coverage when you are outside the US And Medicare does not cover medical care outside the US, with only very narrow exceptions.

Emergency Medical Evacuation Coverage: This covers the cost of getting you to the nearest adequate medical facility or even home if medically necessary. Your travel insurer’s emergency assistance team can also help arrange medical evacuation.

Coverage for pre-existing conditions: Many travel insurance plans offer you waiver of exclusion of pre-existing medical conditions if you purchase the plan within two to three weeks of your first travel deposit. This is one of the benefits of purchasing travel insurance soon after you book your trip. Without the waiver, medical expenses related to pre-existing conditions that flare up during your trip will not be covered.

“Termination for any reason” cover: Cancellations for reasons not listed in the policy are not covered unless you have already purchased “cancellation for any reason” coverage. This usually reimburses you for 75% of the travel costs. Adding it increases the cost of a font by an average of 50%. For example, you could do a “cancel for any reason” claim if you’re worried about getting seasick, a reason not covered by standard trip cancellation insurance. Purchase this coverage soon after purchasing your travel insurance or the window to purchase it will close.

Additional coverage: A comprehensive travel insurance plan will include additional benefits such as travel delay, baggage delay and lost luggage. The best travel insurance plans offer high levels of reimbursement when things go wrong. A travel insurance agent can help you match your concerns to the right travel insurance package.


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