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They say more money, more problems, but the truth is, financial security can solve a lot of headaches. Poor finances can contribute to stress, depression, divorces and, sadly, even suicide. However, after reading You Need a Budget by Jesse Mecham, you may have a better chance of getting your finances in order. While budgeting doesn’t necessarily make you rich, it could help stabilize your finances and reduce money troubles.

Mecham notes that people often wonder “Can I afford this?” and “Should I buy this?” Among other things, Mecham urges readers to implement a decision-making system that can bring clarity and encourage wise choices.

The author also urges people to “forget the money”. Pretty crazy claim for a book on budgeting, right? Money is not or at least should not be the end goal. Instead, the end goal should be to pursue the type of life you want to lead. Mecham urges readers to ask themselves “What do I want my money to do for me?”

To answer this question, however, you need to set a budget. Whether you want to pay off your mortgage or student loan, take a trip to Disney World, or anything else, a budget can help you save money and achieve those goals by instilling a new state of mind. mind and also a concrete system for making decisions.

In You Need a Budget, you’ll learn how to create effective budgets that follow four simple rules: 1. Make every dollar work, 2. Accept your true expenses, 3. Adapt to whatever happens to you, and finally, 4. Age your money by increasing the time between when you receive your money and when you spend it.

Ultimately, You need a budget by Jesse Mecham provides actionable steps and grounded information for creating and maintaining budgets. Anyone struggling with their finances should heed his advice.


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